When it comes to business registrations done right the first time, we are your provider. Best of all we take care of any post registration compliance  such as annual returns and the now famous beneficial ownership. You never have to worry about penalties we'll ensure to file for you right on time. 

Whether you are in the process of registering a business or already have one, this is unique for each business. We analyse your industry to advise and ensure your filings are accurate and filed without queries.

​We work with - Limited Companies , Sole Traders, Partnerships and NGO's. 

Compliance Services 

Business Registration 

We'll register the best business structure of your choice.

  • Limited Companies - Minimum 2 persons and the best benefit here is Limited Liability.
  • Sole Traders- Minimum 1 persons and the best benefit you run your own business. This is mostly applicable to start up businesses.

Post Incorporation Filings

We also handle the filings that is required even after you have registered. 

These filings are but not limited to:
  • Beneficial Ownership / Share Issue 
  • Annual Returns 
  • Notice of Secretary
  • Change of Directors, Address etc


Tax can be messy that's why we handle your taxation from data gathering to tax minimization strategies. .


What Do We Offer?

Our advisor is going to go thorough your compliance with the Ministry of Legal Affairs , National Insurance Board and the Board of Inland Revenue (BIR). At the end of this session you will know exactly what is missing in your business compliance with these statutory bodies. 

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